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British Columbia School and Applied Psychology

(BCSAP) Consortium Residency Program

Hosted by ABLE Developmental Clinic at the Pacific Autism Family Network

For information about BCSAP 2023-2024 Doctoral  Applications see the BCSAP Brochure here

For information about BCSAP  consortium policies and procedures see the BCSAP Handbook here

APPIC Applications will be accepted for 2023 – 2024 placements with BCSAP Doctoral Program (APPIC #1865).

Currently, the BCSAP Residency Program consists of a single track: School – Community Clinic.  Four residency positions are offered; a typical position involves a half week (2.25 days) in a school rotation and a half week in a private, full service community clinic rotation.

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Surrey School District 

Doctoral Residency Program

This Residency is at the Doctoral level of professional preparation and has a commitment to supporting residents in navigating the critical continuum from knowledgeable student to autonomous psychology practitioner. Core components of the program include:

  • dynamic placements and rotations,
  • guided activities to meet expectations across a comprehensive range of competencies,
  • supervision by highly qualified and experienced professional psychologists, and
  • frequent theme-focused professional development sessions.

Professional Development

The BCSAP residency supports a Community of Practice model of professional development by providing didactic training as well as group supervision activities.

Training and Support for Supervisors

Supervisors engage in group activities aimed at supporting new supervisors and enhancing the work of experienced supervisors.

Engagement of Site-Based Administrators/Coordinators

Administrators responsible for field placements of residents are a part of the residency team and are included in planning and evaluation activities.


We are currently only able to accept applicants from universities in Canada or from individuals with permanent residency in Canada. Doctoral students who may apply for placement with the Residency Program are enrolled in a doctoral training program accredited by CPA or APA, or a program with equivalent academic and practicum preparation. To be eligible to begin their residency, students must have:

  • successfully completed all required academic coursework and practicum experiences in their training program prior to submission of the application,
  • passed comprehensive examinations,
  • gained approval of their doctoral dissertation proposal, and
  • demonstrated an understanding of, and commitment to uphold, the ethical principles of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and the College of Psychologists of British Columbia (CPBC).


Qualified doctoral students interested in seeking placement with the Residency Program are required to participate in the APPIC Match. Applicants submit an online APPIC Application for Psychology Internship (AAPI). Information regarding the application process and relevant dates is available on the APPIC website. The BCSAP due date for Phase I applications is 11:59AM Eastern Time, December 2, 2022.


The BCSAP Consortium is not accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association at this time.  Information on accreditation by CPA may be obtained at: accreditation@cpa.ca.


For more information, please contact the current BCSAP Director of Training, Dr. Ted Wormeli, at twormeli@ableclinic.ca.