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The Pacific Autism Family Centre is passionate about empowering individuals on the autism spectrum to meet their potential and participate in community in meaningful ways. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us at info@pacificautismfamily.com.



EmploymentWorks Canada is a 12 week pre-vocational program focused on skills based experiential learning.

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EmploymentWorks (EW) is a 12-week program that offers employment preparedness training and support to autistic adults and persons with disabilities. The program is designed for individuals who want to enter or return to the workforce, and who are willing to develop and practice the skills needed to support employment success.

The program focuses on three main themes:

Knowing Myself as a Working Person (What are my strengths and interests? What is my plan of action?)

Engaging in the Culture of Employment (What does the boss want? How to overcome challenges?)

Building My Skills for Employment (How to network; developing social thinking skills)

Individual goals are targeted through a series of structured learning and development activities; exposure to varying workplace settings and teams; and the application and practice of skills through peer mentor support.

EW addresses various areas of employment preparedness training, including self-development, social and communication skills, life skills and confidence building.  Through the 12-week program, Employment Works aims for:


  • Participants to acquire and/or advance their employment relevant skills;
  • Participants to develop and work towards achievable employment goals;
  • Participants to build confidence and broaden community engagement for greater social inclusion and enjoyment;
  • Community reach to build capacity and awareness of the contributions individuals with ASD, or other barriers, bring to the workplace and to identify ways to create inclusive environments that foster success; and
  • Mentors and co-workers to develop an understanding of the importance of mentorship and how they can support participant’s efforts to achieve employment skills and vocations goals.

Bailey Stam, Program Coordinator (EW)
bailey@pacificautismfamily.com  (604) 207-1980
Coordinates Participant Registration & Managers Program Implementation 

Sayana Fawkes, Facilitator

Amanda Stickel, Facilitator

Learn More:

To learn more about the national initiative, click here: Home-EmploymentWorks

If you are an individual on the autism spectrum and interested in gaining pre-employment training, please contact Rebecca Farnell to discuss participation in the program.


Statement re: Ready, Willing, and Able Program:

“On August 31, 2018, Ready, Willing and Able’s 3-year pilot term ended. Due to recent changes in project funding, beginning September 1, 2018, RWA will undergo some important operational changes across the country. Going forward, RWA is most pleased to remain active in British Columbia, dedicated to engaging businesses to hire individuals with an intellectual disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder and partnering with local community agencies to provide needed on the job supports to individuals who obtain employment through RWA. However, as of September 1, 2018, in British Columbia, RWA will be solely delivered by Inclusion BC. While no longer an active delivery partner Pacific Autism Family Network will continue to collaborate with Inclusion BC and ensure that job seekers with ASD have equitable access to RWA employment opportunities. 

PAFN wishes to thank all the excellent community partners who have worked with RWA over the last 3 years and wish them the very best in their continued partnership with Inclusion BC and RWA. Together with our 200+ national employment agency partners, we have helped realize over 2100 new employment opportunities since September 2014!

Please be aware that RWA currently has a proposal submitted to the Federal Government (as a component of the 2019-20 Federal budget) that, if funded, would see the program once again fully active in all our national communities.  We are hopeful that this proposal will garner positive federal support and will keep you apprised of any future changes to potential project funding via the RWA website (readywillingandable.ca).  PAFN remains committed to advancing inclusion in the workplace and we hope to work with you again in the future!”

PAFC’s social enterprise initiative, GO Group, provides paid, goal oriented employment opportunities.

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Building vocational skills and tangible experience

GO Group is a multi-venture social enterprise that offers temporary supportive employment opportunities within PAFN’s hub to youth and young adults who want to and are realistically able to work in the food, custodial, or landscaping industries.

How we do it

Goal Oriented

GO stands for goal oriented in that all GO Group employment is temporary and transitional (approximately 6 months); the focus is on acquiring relevant vocational skills and tangible work experience such that individuals are better qualified for community employment in the respective industry.

Experiential Training

Specific workplace readiness and vocational skills goals are defined at the onset of employment. The skill acquisition progress is regularly tracked to ensure individuals’ learning is well-supported. As individuals reach each skill goal, PAFN will validate and issue digital badges, a new way of showcasing skill competency.

Transition to Future Employment

Individuals who are job ready can use digital badges to highlight their skill set. Additional transition supports to future employment are available through our Adult Programs Team. We work collaboratively with career practitioners and key contacts in individuals’ support networks towards the common goal of gaining employment after GO Group.

A multi-venture social enterprise

Currently, the GO Group hires through the following ventures that meet the sustainable business functions within the Hub: GO Café, GO Custodial, and GO Landscaping. GO Group is being piloted at the Hub with an aim to expand to satellite sites.

Why we do it

During the development phase, PAFN learned that BC communities need more services for young adults with ASD who are transitioning into the workforce or trying to make a leap from day programs to community employment. Only 1 in 4 persons with ASD or intellectual disabilities are gainfully employed, and yet there are few solutions addressing the disconnect in current pre-employment and placement services that often leave individuals with unmarketable training and experiences. GO Group seeks to address this gap by focusing on developing real, paid, supported employment opportunities in a sustainable enterprise model.

GO Group’s Theory of Change

GO Group offers 1) real experience, 2) relevant skills, and 3) mentorship to youth and young adults with ASD or related disabilities so that they are qualified for inclusive employment opportunities.

View the visual Theory of Change poster here (PDF)

Let’s Connect!

To apply or discuss further about GO Group, connect with:


 or 604-207-1980.

Interested applicants will be asked to submit a resume/profile and cover letter. Interviews are scheduled to further discuss the GO Group model and to assess how each applicant may be suitable for the opportunity.

GO Group is increasing formal supported employment opportunities through the generous support of these funders who are improving the wellbeing of our youth and young adults with diverse abilities. Thank you!