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PAFN Dental Clinic Program


The Pacific Autism Family Network has embarked on an ambitious path to create a dental clinic within the Hub. When you speak to families who have children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, it quickly becomes apparent that dental care is a prevalent and difficult issue for them. Most routine dental interventions require general anesthetic. However, following a successful local model, initiated at BC’s Children and Women Hospital, we believe that we can provide routine hygiene and dental care without the intervention of general anesthetic and hospitalization. We are partnering with the UBC Faculty of Dentistry on this program. It is an comprehensive program that will see dental hygienists, graduate students and supervisory staff from the faculty work with PAFN staff to provide care, education and teaching opportunities in a safe and calming environment. This partnership will provide greater access to specialized care and increase capacity of trained professionals who will treat patients with ASD and related disorders.

Dental patients who have an ASD diagnosis do not differ from other patients as far as their dental presentations and problems. What will be different is the flow of these patients through our clinic and the management techniques that will be employed to have a successful visit. It will be crucial to accommodate and work with patients with ASD diagnoses both in the office and at home. Recommendations for their home care will make it possible to achieve the best oral health outcomes possible.