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The first facility of its kind in Canada and a global model for how communities can best address this complex, mysterious and often misunderstood condition, the Pacific Autism Family Centre will be a multi-purpose free standing facility that offers state-of- the-art assessment, therapy, respite care, education, and support services and programs for children, youth and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families throughout British Columbia and Canada. Now, for the first time ever, families in BC will have a “go-to” support system housed in a purpose-built, family-friendly facility designed to meet the specific needs of individuals with ASD and their caregivers. This state-of-the-art facility will be a magnificent, technologically sophisticated hub providing a shared home for a wide variety of existing organizations and agencies currently serving the autism community, as well as acting as a springboard for the development of new programming designed to fill gaps in the current service infrastructure.

The facility, will have the atmosphere of a home away from home and will include highly specialized clinics, treatment centres, lab classrooms, spaces for specialty autism organizations and non-profit organizations, lecture theatres, videoconferencing facilities, and a library and information commons. Acting as a focal point for BC’s autism community, the Centre will provide unprecedented opportunities to make the best possible use of available resources by facilitating information sharing and dissemination and by achieving enhanced synergies and coordination within a community that has been fractured and fragmented.

Although physically located in the Lower Mainland, the Centre will serve communities in the province, through outreach, workshops, online resources, and videoconferencing. In time, the Centre will serve as a coordinating node serving satellite locations throughout the province and Canada. Visionary investors to the Pacific Autism Family Centre will be among the most forward-thinking philanthropists of our time, helping to establish a brand new kind of facility that will be preeminent in Canada, and unique in the world. Namings associated with the overall facility, its clinics and satellites stand to become cherished, highly visible philanthropic brands that will serve as a permanent reminder to British Columbians that their province was the first to face a medical challenge with the potential to stagger communities worldwide in the coming decades. A wide range of naming partnerships available.


The heart of the establishment of the PAFC catalyst endowment Fund is to ensure that the Pacific Autism Family Centre is positioned for long-term sustainability and that it is poised to move quickly to fill current service gaps. These named endowments, established in perpetuity, will enable donors to become partners and co- creators, helping to build the Centre across a range of dimensions. Catalyst endowments will provide seed funding to launch new Centre initiatives, providing the means to launch or design new program concepts. In many cases, the endowments will play a critical role in inspiring matching funds or launching innovative partnerships within many vitally needed areas of focus.