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PAFN Announces Voices of Autism

PAFN Announces Voices of Autism
October 11, 2017 Pac Fam *

Pacific Autism Family Network announces Voices of Autism

The Pacific Autism Family Network (PAFN) is pleased to announce the creation of the Voices of Autism (VOA). VOA is a group of 7 self-identified adults with ASD that acts as an advisory group to the PAFN. The VOA advisory group played a key role in the development of the Goodlife Fitness Family Autism Hub, advising on many components of the building and program development. The VOA will continue to advise the PAFN on various topics to ensure that the voice of the autism community is represented throughout PAFN’s service offerings.

In addition to advising the PAFN, the VOA seeks to support the broader neuro-diverse community by holding events for self-identified individuals to connect, for learning opportunities and for stakeholder engagement. The VOA in partnership with the PAFN also has an Ambassador Program that is a group of self-identified advocates that enjoy speaking on various topics related to Autism.

PAFN and the VOA recognize that not all voices of autism are represented in the group. Self-advocacy groups are made up of people who identify as being on the Autism spectrum of disorders or people with disabilities who speak up for themselves. Perspectives from individuals who are not able to self-advocate will be sought through visual symbols on the website, or via parent or support person input.

The PAFN proudly supports the VOA project which we hope will pave the way for dynamic inclusivity in communities across the Province. For more information on the VOA or to make your voice heard and join as a VOA Member, please check the website: voicesofautism.ca or contact our Program Manager, SF Walker: sf@pacificautismfamily.com


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